toru-ribaudi-poni-p PONY

Inspired by riding horses. Dreaming of becoming a horse –maybe a centaur. The Pony stool brings the user and the object itself together, creating a whole, a single meaning. This gives a symbolic content for its form and function.

This minimalistic beauty is born straight from Jordi Ribaudí’s soul, in Igualada, Barcelona. The town has strong roots in the local leather industry, and the company’s headquarters is to be found in a restored nineteenth century tannery.


toru-ribaudi-poni-1 His work is inspired by his passion for leather works. He looks for new purposes of the material in order to create innovative -and exciting- shapes and feels.



toru-ribaudi-poni-2 The stool’s seat is produced in 6mm-thick vegetable-tanned leather with a natural wax finish. The main structure is made of powder coated steel, and the footrest, of brushed stainless steel.



toru-ribaudi-poni-3 The frame comes in dark grey.
Leather is available in multiple aniline colours: natural, brown, hazelnut, and black.Pony is produced in its high and low versions.