Mineral, animal or vegetable? What must be respected and what can be looted? Do we have the right to eat other living beings?




From this conceptual framework the designer Jordi Ribaudí has created Mimesis, a project that begins with the disorientation of a person facing nature and the morality with which they intend to face the devastation of the planet.

To do so, appearances are distorted and the language of the materials is cross-dressed.






The objects in the collection give wood the role of a supporting mineral.

A lithic base in balance/imbalance.

Leather becomes in this scenario the vegetable, by its touch, its texture and its fibrous composition.

Human beings represent the animal that recognizes its surroundings with the body and the senses.



The Mimesis collection is made of Finnish pine wood combined with leather of Sicilian buffalo raised exclusively for the production of mozzarella.


Photography by Marc Vila.