toru-ribaudi-clop-p CLOP

With an unusual fold on top of the back, the Clop lounge chair represents the end of a journey that goes from the simplicity of a clog shoe – half wood, half leather- to a chair. Ideas and materials come together. This chair is created following a primitive way of making natural, hard, but authentic objects. Like a bonfire in the woods.



toru-ribaudi-clop-1 Clop is born straight from Jordi Ribaudí’s soul, in Igualada, Barcelona. The town has strong roots in the local leather industry, and the company’s headquarters is to be found in a restored nineteenth century tannery.


toru-ribaudi-clop-2 His work is inspired by his passion for leather works. He looks for new purposes of the material in order to create innovative -and exciting- shapes and feels.



toru-ribaudi-clop-3 Materials
Clop combines a 6mm-thick vegetable-tanned leather back and a solid oak structure put together with brass fittings.
The leather is available in multiple aniline co¬lours: natural, brown, hazelnut, and black.
Solid oak comes in a natural colour, hand-polished and wax-finished.