Estudi Ribaudí works with ideas, grows them and transforms them into objects.
Led by Jordi Ribaudí and Maite Pérez, their projects mix creativity, matter and technology to transform them into objects and spaces with their own identity.
The Ribaudí Studio is based in Igualada, in “”L’Adoberia””.





“L’doberia” -the Tannery-, is an old building located in the historic industrial area of the city. In the past, this area was lined with tanneries and imposing textile factories such as the Anoia County Museum.
The building, built in 1850 – while Darwin wrote “On the Origin of Species” – has architecture that is very characteristic of this industry. At present the studio occupies one of the three floors of the tannery, where it co-operates with other creative companies and where many other innovative and amazing initiatives are promoted.





If you want to know more about us you can contact us at:

Estudi Ribaudí

Carrer  del Rec, 15 08700 Igualada  (BARCELONA)

+34 93 805 34 58