Sita Murt/ París

It is inevitable to bow the influence of art. An idea which has always been present in the Sita Murt collections is now to face the imposing figure of the Picasso museum in the Haute Maree district of Paris.

Also inevitable is the influence of this in creating the space in which the designer’s work is to be exhibited. This is explained through a graphic, tactile view of nature, of the world around us. We aim to establish a dialogue with these surroundings: in white and stone colours, a nature which is both rough and silky to the touch, made of wood and stone. Materials which are always authentic and pure, free from artifice.

We plant a flower which grows and spreads out in waves to show off the feminine beauty of the Sita Murt collections. The subtle mixing of the authentic with the new creates sweetness, the taste of when fashion and art are mixed.